Sunday, November 04, 2007

Excess Hoggage - Time change edition

By Libby
Updated at top

Man, I really hate it when they change the clocks. It throws me off completely and I get all out of sorts about it. But of course, it doesn't stop me from blogging. I just inflict my crankiness on you innocent readers. Anyway, I'm getting a slow start but I have a couple of new posts up at Newshoggers to distract you while I figure out what I want to talk about today.

Update: One more rather important story that I just posted. Walter "Freedom Fries" Jones filed a bi-partisan bill amending the War Powers Act and no one is talking about it. I have my doubts that Pelosi will even allow it on the floor.

This one is rather amusing. One of Fred Thompson's top guys is a former drug dealer.

You want to know what's worse than plagarism? When someone steals a concept and then executes it badly.

And I'm clearly having an off week. Under the heading, post in anger, repent at leisure, for the first time in my blogging life I deleted a post.

Meanwhile, I found some more links to posts I've hadn't pimped earlier. They're a few days old but still timely enough I think to pimp.

Dodd is looking better all the time. There may be a link to some video on that one.

I think people are making a mistake in not taking Hillary's electability factor seriously enough.

This was a tough one to post because I was disagreeing with another blogger I know and like but I thought the video on teenage rebels she was was complaining about was actually really good and wanted to pass the link on.

And finally, Juan Cole had an idea I liked. Congress should defund the project in order to shut down the new Baghdad embassy.


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