Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Waxing nostaligic - Rich and Flo edition

By Libby

Rich and Flo are cherished friends of mine from the Happy Valley. I believe if they're not the first, they're one of the first musicians to have promoted their music soley through the internet at their website, tagyerit.com. They're certainly the only musicians I know who, to my knowledge, have never performed live but still sell a whole lot of albums.

Their website is a virtual labyrith of fun, where you're certain to get lost if you dare enter so let me send you their pumpkin page or if you hate Halloween, try the toilet paper museum.

I haven't checked their site in a long time but I went over tonight because the local paper did a write up on a Bush bashing pumpkin carving contest they had. I couldn't find the page for that but these political pumpkins are really good. And I have an even better pumpkin YouTube at my hideaway with a really great soundtrack and a link to a rare photograph of them.

So much has changed in the Valley since I've left. It's comforting to know that Rich and Flo are still so constant.
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