Saturday, October 27, 2007

Media Bytes - Friends and Fringenuttians edition

By Libby

First the fringenuttia:

Shakes found the ultimate in tasteless fringenut remarks.

Here's Tom Tomorrow today with the comics version of the Fringenuttian's mob ethic.

On to friends:

Shamanic is finally revealed in her own glorious self on the standup circuit. Can't wait until she downloads more of these.

Via Avedon here's a timely couple of YouTubes asking the ultimate question on corporate personhood which I personally consider to be the root of all evil in the Corporatocracy.

And via the hostess with the mostest, Shakes has the latest in Dodd speak. He's looking better all the time.

And John Cole doesn't really count as a friend yet but I do love his stuff since he gave up on the GOP. He had a near brush with fame, except that Sully took the credit, or rather failed to give him the credit where credit was due. John is being gracious about it and I agree it's not worth getting in a snit over but I think it would have been nice if Sully had given Cole a tiny little on-air mention.

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