Saturday, September 15, 2007

Thinking and drinking

By Libby

I've been totally uninspired by the news today. It's so dreadfully the same. The government lies, the media reports it as news, people dying in Iraq, politicians jockeying for prominence in the news cycle with outrageous pandering to the basest instincts of the voters. Worse yet, Iran is already being reported by the steno corps a/k/a media elite as a war accompli.

Some days it feels like I'm fighting the 60's battles all over again. I've got this Buffalo Springfield song rolling in my head. It strikes me that Nixon feels like a civil libertarian compared to this administration.

But I haven't been totally a slacker today either. If you didn't make the rounds, I posted this stuff.

Webb's way out. Of all the do nothing moves the Dems could make right now, this one seems to me to their best bet. And it has the added benefit of providing some badly needed relief to the soldiers.

I couldn't resist this story. I don't care at all who Condi's companions are, but I love a play on words.

I did a Bush speech recap for Detroit, Bush spins tales while Iraq fails. It's worth clicking over for the links to Cernig and Fester's posts on the latest MidEast revelations.

And as luck would have it, I ran across an interesting Question of the week for Detroit that has national implications. The question would work in many states troubled with unfunded federal mandates.

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