Friday, September 14, 2007

Outrage overload

By Libby

Sometimes I wonder what the point of it all is. I think Blogtopia has made a real difference in public opinion but it's had zero effect on the outcomes with a president who does whatever he effin' well pleases, no matter what. And he gets away with it while the rightwing ragers incessantly whine about how they're victims of "liberal bias."

Ouote of the week, comes from John Cole who expresses my disgust with the whole charade perfectly.
So again- what are they so damned angry about? I don’t get it. I used to throw around the term the “angry left” myself, but watching this administration do whatever it wants to the cheerleading of imbeciles and first rate hacks, I am surprised the left is not angrier. Bush, the worst President of my lifetime and possible the last century, turned a 51% tightly fought election into a mandate, while the Democrats can’t figure out how to remove one god damned troop from Iraq with 60+% of the public furious about the war.
Cole is just on fire in the last couple of days. Click the link for more like that.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I actually managed to make it through a good portion of the monkey boy's address last night, but the blatant lies and manipulations became too much for my digestive system. Even though all the players who actually know what is going on have been saying in whatever couched terms that they can manage that the surge is a failure, he insists trying to spin this way and that in an attempt to prove its success. Worse, no that he's mired in the morass (reminds me of ole Briar Rabbit getting stuck in the tar) he can't figure out how to pull out troops and save face. Meanwhile, OUR sons and daughters continue to die...

11:14:00 AM  
Blogger Steve said...

Well, one, sorta, mystery was cleared up last night: We now have been told what the purpose of those very elaborate,(and expensive),semi-secret military bases constructed in Eye-rack are all about; the long term stationing of US troops there in order to protect American "economic interests".
You mean, like, oil, Mr President?

So then, would it be fair to state that this must have been part of the plan all along? Well, duh, yeah!

Finally, we get some closure - or, disclosure:
We will be maintaining permanent island bases in the heart of the oil regions of Iraq, which, of course, will be impenetrable and not be the focus of future al quaeda or insurgent activity because the surge will take care of all that. We hope.

Shouldn't all of this be worthy of an operational code name?

The 'Fort Apache Plan' would be my selection.

12:56:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Rocky, you're a brave woman. I can't stomach him at all these days.

Steve - disclosure indeed. We've known the plan is to keep us there forever, but I was surprised he admitted it so openly.

8:47:00 AM  

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