Saturday, September 01, 2007

The next sex scandal?

By Libby

Looks like they're dragging the gay GOPers out of the closet, one at a time. Via Taylor Marsh, who points us to Howie, who digs up a juicy rumor about North Carolina's freshman Congressman.
McHenry's got the [third most] most reactionary voting record in Congress and is allegedly another hypocritical closet queen waiting nervously for his moment on the national stage. ...

And yesterday BlueNC gave Rep. McHenry's closet door a nice, loud jolt. ...[I]t looks like there is a connection between McHenry and a murderous Republican homosexual love triangle/escort service.

The murdered gay Republicans include Ralph Reed's purported ex-lover, Ralph Gonzalez (former head of the rabidly homophobic Georgia Republican Party), David Abrami and McHenry guy-pal Robert Drake, the shooter. All three were found last week in a murder-suicide in an Orlando apartment.

I don't find the sex scandals all that particularly appalling when they concern consenting adults but if this proves to be true, it will surely become, as they used to say, the mother of all scandals.

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