Thursday, September 20, 2007

GOP death watch

By Libby

Digby has been on fire this week. She writes about the wilful self-destruction of the Republic party and the perfidy of its leadership. Read the whole thing, it's an especially good post, but here's the quote of the day.
We are looking at fifty-five of the most powerful people in the country. Collectively the Republican Senators represent almost a hundred and fifty million citizens. And they have allowed a callow little boy like George W. Bush along with his grey eminences Karl Rove and Dick Cheney to strip them of their consciences, their principles and their constitutional obligations. What sad little creatures, cowardly and subservient, unctuously bowing and scraping before Karl Rove the man who holds their (purse) strings and dances them around the halls of congress singing tributes to their own irrelevance at the top of their lungs. How pathetic they are.

Barry Goldwater is rolling over in his grave.

I'm finding this slow motion suicide rather painful to watch myself.

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is terrorism a mortal threat to the US?

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