Friday, September 28, 2007

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By Libby

It's been a tough week kids. Sorry I've been so remiss but I see Fogg has been taking up my slack with better posts than I can write myself so I assume you haven't missed me too much. I'm posting at Newshoggers this morning.

A bit of under-reported news here. Bush preaches to Freepers at a gala White House luncheon.

Our DefSec's attitude on Iran is heartening but Gates priorities on Iraq, are all about the Bush legacy. Disgusting.

The wingnuts use a fake photo as a poster for their Islamo-hate week in DC. Where's Confederate Yankee? Nowhere to be found.

And I retreaded the Gates post for Detroit so I won't link that but I also pointed out the latest figures by National Priorities Project on what the occupation of Iraq costs the states. Fun interactive map at that link.

And of course, I had to take on Limbaugh's smearing of the troops. I'm rather of this line: "How dare that bloated windbag, who has never faced anything more dangerous than a pepperoni pizza attack the honor and integrity of the men and women are laying their lives on the line every single day to allow him to bloviate his hateful rhetoric?"

I'll be interested to see if any of the many outraged over MoveOn respond. I'm expecting the sound of crickets though.

Update: I've been falling asleep early this week but long time commenter Lester stayed up to watch the GOP debate last night and leaves a good review on the event in comments here.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

OT- someting i just wrote "Anyone see the the second tier republican debate on PBS held by the congressional black caucus? no? too bad. I thought it was the best debate yet. I actually taped it so I could see the whle thing where usually I just watch the highlights.

No Rudy, Fred, Mitt, or Mcain. This should become a policy at all GOP debates. Also, they simply went in a line from person to person to answer the questions instead of randomly picking one of the front runners. So if you wanted to hear what one of them said you knew just when it was their turn!! what a crazy idea.

Though I am a Ron Paul supporter, I can't fairly say he won last night. his answers were solid but a little stiff. Tom Tancredo and Alan Keyes were really the winners, believe it or not. Keyes with an explicitly religious /social values message and tancredo tailored his anti immigration message to the largely black audience perfectly and seemed the most at home of all the white guys. Alan keyes is a strange guy, no question, but he was on a roll and deefinately was not going from anyones play book other than his own.

So good looking out PBS and the congressional black caucus for a great night. and leaving the empty lecturns where the front runners would have been was a great touch."

10:11:00 AM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Thanks for the update Lester. I've been so exhausted, I've been falling asleep before 9:00 all week and I missed it.

10:12:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didn't even know it was on. I got real in to a survivor episode and nbc is right next to pbs on my cable. so there I was!

they've kind of sexed up and dumbed down survivor. for the better

2:56:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Is survivor still on the air? I don't watch much TV and I don't like those reality shows at all myself.

9:22:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

^what would YOU do in this situation?

10:27:00 AM  

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