Sunday, September 16, 2007

Always blogging somewhere

By Libby

At the Newshoggers:

On the stump with Hillary. Madeline Albright says what Hillary should be saying.

Quiet GOP defection. Chafee quits his party with a harsh goodbye.

No tight schedule for tepid Thompson. Fred's not about to test the theory that hard work can't kill you.

Where is Steve Fossett. This guy is one my heros. I'm sad to think he might be dead.

For what it's worth, I take a look at yesterday's demonstration in DC.

At the Detroit News:

Webb shows the way. Pushing Webb's proposal where I'm sure that the Democratic leadership will see it.

Only you can stop WWIII. This is my must read post of the day. Click over if only to get the link to Booman's post which has the details. These maniacs are really going to bomb Iran if we don't stop them somehow.

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