Sunday, August 19, 2007

White House Admits Military Decisions Are Politically Motivated

Today in a stunning move the White House confirmed that troops in Iraq are being used for political reasons.

The report is on with the tag line of

Withdrawal of 'Surge' Troops Might Isolate War Critics, Administration Official Says

President Bush is waiting for the progress report before he makes a decision, even though that is obviously a lie and the decision has been made to reduce force strength. The problem is, the decision is a political one.
That report is to be based largely on recommendations submitted to the president by the top U.S. commander in Iraq, Gen. David Petraeus, who told ABC News today that he is "working hard" on it but has not yet submitted it to the White House.

But a consensus has developed to allow the nearly 25,000 "surge" troops to leave as their tours end, an administration official told ABC News on condition of anonymity because the report is not final.

The ABC News report goes on, attributed to an administration source.
By beginning the drawdown, the White House sees the chance to isolate anti-war Democrats and still maintain enough support in Congress to keep a major troop presence in Iraq, the administration official told ABC News.
The Bush administration has always played fast and loose with the truth and the lives of our troops have always been used for political purposes.

The fact is, the Bush Administration has no choice but to drawdown the troops as the Army is straining as it is.
The president, who is vacationing at his Texas ranch, has little alternative to a gradual exit. The Army's chief of staff says the military is straining to maintain current troop levels in Iraq.
"Today's Army is out of balance," Gen. George Casey told reporters at the National Press Club earlier this week. "The demand for forces exceeds the sustainable supply."
This seems to be huge news. They have known all along that the surge could not be maintained, but they are going to use that fact for political motives.

The goal all along has been to keep a large U.S. force in Iraq for years, but not one large enough to make a difference.

Impeachment has always been an option, but it has become imperative that this man is removed from office.

Jim Martin

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

^soldiers themselves are singing the same tune. stubborness can eb a good way to get a lollipop, but it can't win a war.

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