Friday, August 17, 2007

Please remember this...

By Libby

It's not even worth reading Michael Gerson's latest pap. It's the sort of piece one would expect from George Bush's chief speechwriter. A mere piece of fluff in praise of Karl Rove. But the opening paragraph struck me.
When I asked Karl Rove this week to summarize his approach to politics, he quoted from memory a 167-year-old letter by Abraham Lincoln to his Whig campaign committee: "Keep a constant watch on the doubtful voters, and from time to time have them talked to by those in whom they have the most confidence."

Rather odd isn't it that Karl can't remember what he did with his emails, or who he met with in the last six years or any number of other details that interest the Congress, but he can quote a 167 year old letter by heart. I guess his amnesia only occurs within the White House walls.

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Blogger creature said...

Great point, Libby.

3:30:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Thanks Creature. I've heard he has a photographic memory. It's always astounded me that the press rarely mentions that when his memory lapses come up.

3:39:00 PM  

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