Saturday, August 04, 2007

Media Bytes

By Libby

I'm off to a slow start today and I may add to this post as I make my daily tour through Blogtopia, but to get you started this morning, er afternoon, here's a couple of links.

My friend Anita Brown who has been living in Cancun for the last couple of decades has started a new photoblog. Check it out. I especially love the post on Tulum, where I spent several weeks of unmitigated bliss back in the early 90s. Glad to see it's still just as beautiful as I remembered it. I may want to move there some day. Like tomorrow.

And via Cernig, a silly Jay Leno spoof, an "interview" with Dick Cheney. Worth the watch just to see Cheney smile. I don't think I've ever seen that before. His smile is even scarier than his sneer.

Here's another photoblog I just found out about. My listserv buddy R. Clayton McKee is a photojournalist who occassionally posts some gorgeous shots here.

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