Saturday, August 18, 2007

Gucci, Gucci goo

By Libby
Updated below

Marc Ambinder gives us a probably unintended glimpse into the mind of the average Fred Thompson supporter. He posts a couple of clips from a fairly critical piece by Fox "News" on Fred's visit to the Iowa state fair. Marc doesn't offer much in the way of analysis, but the comment section is most revealing.

Most the comments revolve around the mention of Fred's Gucci loafers. There's much debate on whether the shoes were accurately branded and over a dozen defenses of Fred's right to wear expensive footwear because it's not nearly as bad as paying too much for a haircut. This is why our political debate has deteriorated. The average Jake cares more about the trivia than the substance. Only a couple of commenters mentioned that it would be more useful to know what Fred's positions are on policy.

So question is do the people focus on trivia because that's what the "news" delivers or do the media deliver trivia because that's the only thing the average Jake cares about? I suspect it's a little of both.

For myself, I thought it was much more telling that Fred cruised through the fair in a golf cart, rather than walk around and glad hand the crowd. It suggests an either physical infirmnity that would be troublesome in a president or an aloofness that implies he thinks he's too good to mingle with the little people.

Update: Crooks and Liars has more video and they're right -- Fred looks just awful. Sickly even. No wonder he was riding in a golf cart.

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