Wednesday, August 15, 2007

GOP Retires

By Libby

I didn't really consider this such big news. I've been hearing rumors about for a couple of weeks but I'm linking to the announcement of Denny Hastert's retirement, just so I can quote BuzzFlash's blurb, which made me laugh.
"Rep. J. Dennis Hastert (Ill.), who last year became the longest-serving Republican speaker of the House, will announce Friday that he will not seek reelection, Republican House aides said yesterday." Denny Knew Nothing About Nothing. Maybe He'll Join Karl Rove and Bush "Down the Road." Anyway, There Goes Dennis Hastert, the Only Republican in Congress Who Preferred a Good Steak to Sex with Men, Women, Children or Sheep.

Good old Denny. He may have been scum, but at least he wasn't a pervert.

Meanwhile, the announcements just keep rolling in. Latest to give up the wild life inside the Beltway because there's no place like home is Rep. Deborah Pryce (R-Ohio), who is expected to announce on Thursday.

One might think we'll see more as the deadlines to declare loom. The GOP has looked into their future and seen defeat. Better to exit gracefully than go out as a loser.

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