Friday, August 03, 2007

For God's Sake, Just Go!

Today George Bush stated that congress would have to stay in session until it delivered a legitimate counter terror bill.
“So far the Democrats in Congress have not drafted a bill I can sign,” Bush said at FBI headquarters, where he was meeting with counterterror and homeland security officials. “We’ve worked hard and in good faith with the Democrats to find a solution, but we are not going to put our national security at risk. Time is short.”
Can you spot the lies in that statement? I count four lies and two accurate if not truthful assertions. Oh well, who cares? Are his thin cold lips moving? Then he's lying.

I agree with him though, the congress should stay in hot, humid Washington and try to accomplish something. If nothing else, they might finally get so frustrated that they start killing each other and actually deliver something that would help the country.

The other thing that would help the country is Bush getting the hell out of town. Our drunk, frat-boy president should head on down to the ranch, whack some bushes (not capitalized), drink some Lone Star or Shiner Bock, and just chill out. Maybe he could go out to the back forty and just get lost. Go to this link and check this guy out. Man, the prez looks like shit.

The president said lawmakers cannot leave for their August recess this weekend as planned unless they “pass a bill that will give our intelligence community the tools they need to protect the United States.”
It would take the Home Depot of congresses to come up with the tools to protect this country from all the terrorists Mr. Bush and his cabal have created. Come on, they're only sub-human.
Bush said the administration offer is a “a narrow and targeted piece of legislation that will close the gaps in intelligence.”“This is what we need to do our job to protect the American people,” the president said.
That is quite an illuminating statement from the obtuse Mr. Bush, but how they hell can a "narrow and targeted piece of legislation" solve anything. Why do they need any legislation? What's wrong with continuing to ignore the Constitution? It's worked so far, I guess. Why confuse Mr. Gonzales? How many lies is he able to keep straight anyway?

Mr. Bush then ended his speech with his usual refrain, the motto of his presidency:
“It’s the bare minimum.”
Jim Martin

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