Friday, August 17, 2007

As long as they spell your name right....

By Libby

It's been a big week for The Impolitic and the Newshoggers. First the fine folks at Buzz linked to my GOP retirement post here, followed closely by a link from their companion site, Buzz where the Buzzers picked up Jim's post on Fred Thompson.

Then today, Newshoggers got lampooned by Chris Muir in a Day by Day cartoon. Cernig got the credit in that one, but the panel was about my post, which Cernig kindly acknowledged in a response to the cartoon.

Chris Muir himself showed up in comments there and thanked me for my work, and noted he was actually inspired by my Padilla post, the same post that inspired Jules Crittenden to insult the Newshoggers team.
Newhog indignation here. Should have been terrorist Bush on trial instead of peace-loving American Padilla. Bush torture to blame. This seems to be emerging as the main thread. Padilla was driven so crazy he couldn’t refute his fingerprints on the document and his voice on the tape.

OK, a couple more. Left Field: fear wins out. Yeah, Americans are stupid. LF adds remark about what a failure Bush’s anti-terrorism policies are. There must be a successful terrorist attack on the mainland U.S. in the last six years less one month that I’ve forgotten. Shakespeare’s Sister (really, that might actually be more insulting to Shakespeare than ”Newshogger” is to pigs) sniffs that to wingnuts this will justify everything that was done to Padilla over the last 3 1/2 years. Well … no, not really, that was already OK.

Bleech! But as they say, no such thing as bad press. A big thanks to everyone, even Jules, for the props and the pan.

Meanwhile, since I'm on a linkfest here, I posted a couple more items at Newshoggers yesterday that might be of interest to our cherished readers here. Diebold may well be on the verge of bankruptcy, along with their companion company in fraudulent vote counting, Sequoia and if you're a sci-fi fan and didn't catch this item, a couple of guys broke the speed of light, something which they said could never be done. I love when that happens.

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