Sunday, July 22, 2007

Short takes - Miserable failure edition

By Libby

Odd bits of quick stray news that are worth reading.

This one is hilarious really. Defense counsel for the police department that arrested an 83 year old guy for holding a anti-war sign within seeing range of our Reckless Leader argued that plaintiff shouldn't be allowed to mention Bush's name or the wording of the sign because just hearing W's name would prejudice the jury.

Thankfully the judge disagreed, thinking the jury would have a hard time deciding based on an unknown sign held during a rally for an unnamed candidate. Far cry from the days when the mere mention of King George was a guarantee of success.

Speaking of failure, Boston Globe editorializes that Bush is a complete and utter loser and his administration has been one disaster after another. They count the ways.

And the The NYT editor piles on, remarking on the imperial powers claimed by the president. He tells Congress to shake a leg for the good of the republic and do whatever it takes to haul this admistration into account for its actions.

Kind of reminds you of the old google bomb, doesn't it?

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