Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Lamest Story Ever Told

By Libby

Honestly, I tried to read this op-ed by Anne-Marie Slaughter but I got exactly this far before extreme nausea set in.
A funny thing is happening in American politics: The fiercest battle is no longer between the left and the right but between partisanship and bipartisanship. The Bush administration, which has been notorious for playing to its hard-right base, has started reaching across the aisle, with its admirable immigration bill (even though it failed), with its new push for a diplomatic strategy toward North Korea and Iran, and above all with its choice of three seasoned moderates for important positions: Robert M. Gates as defense secretary, John D. Negroponte as deputy secretary of state and Robert B. Zoellick as World Bank president.

Seasoned moderate Negroponte? Does she mean this John "Death Squad" Negroponte? Apparently she does. As Jim Henley, who apparently had the intestinal fortitude to read the whole thing notes, this is the "dumbest thing ever written by anyone in any venue."

It certainly does reinforce my long held theory that Ivy League academic credentials may look very nice in their frames on the wall, but don't necessarily make you any smarter.

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