Saturday, July 28, 2007

GOPers gone wild

By Libby

I love Blogtopia but it can sure make you lazy. Dr Steven Taylor is a lot smarter than me. More eloquent too. Thus I don't have to spend any time thinking up a stinging retort to Hindracker's latest bit of whackery posing as serious thought. I'll just link to Steven.
Now, John, one may or may not like this situation, but it is wholly legal and constitutional. Indeed, you may recall many of your own political allies deploying the phrase “elections have consequences” back when the GOP controlled the Senate and the Democrats were blocking judicial nominations. Well, we had one of those elections thingies back in November and the Democrats won the Senate. This means, again back to the Math bit, that they have the votes to block a nomination if they so choose. Again, setting aside whether one likes that or not, it remains a firmly established constitutional fact.

As a side note, let me state that those (the President included) who seem to think that the Congress exists simply to approve what the President has asked for (like Bush stating that Congress is simply supposed to fund the war and otherwise be quiet) are all showing a great deal of disrespect to the Constitutional order.
Hey Hindreeker. Would you like an order of Freedom Fries to go with that crow?

Via my guy Cernig who posts a superb edition of Instahoglets this morning. Check out all the links but certainly don't miss this one, on the largest bribery scandal in military contracting yet. This one has been way underreported and the article itself is amusing.

I loved the guy's sister's explanation for the coded books that kept track of the payola. Oh those weren't bribes, she says, there were potential donors for her personal religious minisitry. I believe in GOP circles that's called the Church of Greed.

To be clear, I'm just assuming the Republicans are behind this at the moment. The investigation is still in its early stages, but it seems like a pretty safe bet. There hasn't been much accomodation made for Democratic war profiteering in this administration.

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