Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Go forth and read

By Libby

I'm looking at a long and busy day so here's a few links to occupy you until I get back here this evening.

I talked about this scary new executive order at Newshoggers. It effectively criminalizes Bush's critics and allows him to seize pretty much anybody's assets for any trumped up reason our great decider can dream up. Cannonfire adds some good context to the analysis of just what this order really means.

I rarely read Kos these day, but I do follow the occassional link to a specific diary and Kangro X has a good post up on the latest Politico lies. They've become as flagrant as the White House and Fox News in spreading misinformation. Dingell calls them out for lying about his position on an energy bill.

And of course, the Newshoggers team is on the job even when I'm not. Cernig has a good roundup of links from the important news of yesterday that you likely may have missed.


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