Monday, July 30, 2007

Capt Ed to CNN - Let me be The Decider

By Libby

I try to limit my blogroll to mostly lesser known bloggers on the premise that the big guys don't need the help and to encourage you to click on someone new. However, I'm adding Balloon Juice today. I find myself over there so often that it's for my own selfish convenience that I'm adding them. They certainly don't need the boost, but they're worth a regular read and I'm happy to promote John and Tim's work.

John Cole's take on Capt. Ed's latest exercise in self-importance is just priceless and the comment section is uproarious. As you know I swore off Capt Ed this week so I'm not linking to him but he has this grand idea to entice the GOP into participating in the YouTube debate they're chickening out of. He suggests CNN turn over the vetting of questions to an -- ahem -- impartial screening committee of bloggers. Comprised of course of bloggers from Wingtopia with maybe a couple of token Independents, to be determined by some unnamed person. Perhaps himself?

Man, if that White House conference makes his head any bigger, he won't be able to fit through doors. But I'm with Cole. I think it's a great idea. Let the American people see for themselves what the wingers consider "serious" questions. I can't think of a better way to marginalize their influence than by giving them enough rope to hang themselves on their own rhetoric.

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