Monday, May 28, 2007

Thanks Cindy

I had intended to write something entirely different as my Memorial Day post but I came home and see that Cindy Sheehan has quit the peace movement with a heart breaking post at Kos that evokes the Cindy that we remember from the beginning of her long odyssey. Whatever you think of Cindy, this women has bled for her beliefs and I think in many ways she still embodies the true meaning of patriotism.

America owes Cindy a huge debt of thanks. That fateful summer day when she stood down the President of the United States from a ditch in Crawford, changed everything. In that moment she became the voice for all those Americans who had been silently watching the occupation falling apart and hadn't spoken out for fear of being labeled unpatriotic. Cindy's bravery in asking that one simple question inspired hundreds of thousands of people to come forward. If Cindy hadn't asked what her son died for, almost 70% of the country might not be asking that today.

I understand why Cindy feels used and abused. She has been. She was so effective that she inspired a syndrome on the right akin to the fabled BDS. People hated her for no real reason but worse was how those on the left who loved her, exploited her spirit and turned her into a carcariature.

I don't blame Cindy for feeling betrayed. She was. Those who claimed they would help advance her cause, instead rendered her ineffective by advancing their own, so stepping out of the limelight is a good decision. But she shouldn't feel that she accomplished nothing.

The peace movement she nutured may have borne bitter and inedible fruit, but she also started a national conversation on the streets and in the living rooms of America that is still going on today. I'm not so sure that the 06 rollover would have happened if Cindy hadn't kicked that ball in the first place.

So if no one else says it, at least let me. Goodbye and thanks Cindy. You did change the world, at least a little bit and I think we owe you a lot.

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Blogger Jim Martin said...

I want to support everything and agree with everything you said.
She is truly a hero. She stood up for what she believed in the face of the Bush/republican media machine. When I think of what those monsters O'Reilly, Hannity
and Limbaugh said about her it makes my blood boil.
Her son gave that last full measure to his country and his mother deserves respect.

8:52:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

she was pretty naive to think rahm emmanuel and co would carry out the will of the people.

1:20:00 PM  

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