Monday, May 21, 2007

Pot Calls Kettle Black

Jimmy Carter went back to his indecisive ways after strongly attacking the presidency of George W. Bush yesterday.
Former President Jimmy Carter said Monday his remarks were "careless or misinterpreted" when he said the Bush administration has been the "worst in history" for its impact around the world.
He went on to excuse his honest and accurate statements by using the old misinterpreted or out of context excuse.

Let's hear it Jimmy, in just what way is he not the worst president? Just tell us what policy or initiative that Bush has implemented that is not a total disaster or riddled by partisan controversy.

His foreign policy is a disaster. America's soft power and influence around the world is in tatters and it's hard power is being broken daily in Iraq. The Army is stretched to the breaking point and it's hardware and rolling stock is just plain worn out.

His ability to lead the country in the midst of a crisis is an absolute joke as New Orleans is still a disaster area going on two years after Katrina. Thanks to the policies of Bush the National Guard's equipment and a good portion of it's manpower is in Iraq, severely limiting the state government's ability to respond to a crisis.

C'mon Jimmy, you have some experience with running a disastrous presidency. This is one area you have some expertise. Is he or is he not the worst president in history? Show some leadership.

We know the answer, we just want to hear it from an expert.

Jim Martin

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Blogger Libby Spencer said...

I'm so glad you posted in this. I didn't get to it and that was my immediate reaction. I don't know why the hell he apologized when he was right.

6:13:00 PM  
Blogger Jim Martin said...

It's like there is this Miss Manners of presidential etiquette.
It's time for people to speak the truth and then be proud of it.
The truth is the truth, it hurts.

8:17:00 PM  

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