Monday, May 28, 2007

Love that bottled water

By Libby

Hospital calendars know no holidays so I'm back to work today and only have time for a quick post this morning. Oregon is thinking of expanding it's bottle bill to include water bottles. I think that's a good idea. I never understood why they didn't include non-carbonated beverages in these bottle bills in the first place.

Granted bottled water was not the multi-million dollar business inthe 70s when these bills were passed, as it is today but still a bottle is a bottle. As I recall, it was the bottlers lobby who succeeded in exempting their containers on some convoluted grounds.

Time has proven that these deposits do reduce litter and I don't know why every state doesn't have one, including my current home base, North Carolina where they could certainly use it. I found it was a great help when I lived in Massachusetts.

I never actually returned a bottle myself in over a decade but it was easy to find someone who would take them in exchange for the money. At first it was the old man who lived at the end of my building and when he died, I recruited a semi-homeless guy who did odd jobs around the complex. They were glad to get the few extra bucks a month and I felt good about recycling without having to do any work.

It's a win-win proposal that should be adopted nationwide.

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