Saturday, May 26, 2007

Learning from Nancy Reagan

By Libby

In the four+ years I've been blogging, I've been invited to co-blog rather often and I've never refused. I always think I can do it all. That's how I ended up commited to five blogs today.

Some projects never really got off the ground. Sometimes, like Unity08, it wasn't a good fit and I did a couple of posts and then never went back. Sometimes, the blog owner decides to shut down as at the late, and much lamented, Pennywit. I wonder what ever happened to him? I miss that kid. Once, I got kicked out. That was at Tonguetied, where I'd still be today if Scott Norvell hadn't wussed out.

Anyway, I got another invitation this week to contribute to To the Center , and for the first time, I finally took Nancy's advice. I just said no. I was sorry to turn them down though. It looks like a great project and I like the theme. They're looking to become a forum for the average Jake who doesn't subscribe to partisan politics and they've already built a robust community with almost 500 members.

Click over and check them out.

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