Sunday, May 20, 2007

Job opening at Justice

By Libby

Used to be that people would jump at the opportunity to work at the White House but I have a feeling it's going to harder to find a replacement for the soon to be departed Deputy USAG McNulty than it was to find a war czar. Shockingly, nobody wants the job.
ā€œIā€™d rather trade places with Jose Padilla,ā€ jokes Viet Dinh, a former senior Justice official under then-Attorney General John Ashcroft.
This coming from a guy whom I remind you is on the Board of Directors of Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation media empire. I think that speaks volumes about just how lame duck this president and his den of thieves and liars have become.

At this rate, Bush won't just limp out of office, they'll need to wheel him out on a trolley.

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