Monday, May 21, 2007

Compared To Those Guys He Looks Pretty Good

The political landscape in this perpetual presidential campaign is a dry and barren place. The candidates are uninspiring and are so alike in their differences and have been droning on and on for what seems like years. It seems like November, 2008 is years off. The over achiever white woman with a checkered past and controversial spouse, the gifted African-American man with the politically risky name and then that guy from somewhere in the desert southwest with the videos on YouTube represent the democrats.

Then there are the eleven old white guys that at least look like republicans in their blue suits and red power ties. Tommy Thompson, Jim Gilmore, Mitt, McCain, Rudy, etc., etc., no wonder someone like Fred Thompson sounds good. Is there something more to this guy than meets the eye? There would have to be.

I came across this post at Britannica Blog about Thompson's un-campaign and talk about seeing things that aren't there and attempting to create something from the ether.
Whether deftly planned or simply inferred by us watchers, the message seems to be: If called to serve, he will, and faithfully; but he has a life, and he’s not camping by the phone.
Man, that is just so bad. Can't you just hear the stentorian tones "If called to serve, I will." Good Lord!.

Mr. McHenry
in his post actually compared Thompson in some way to Garfield, McKinley and Harding with a campaign style he thinks is reminiscent of the old front porch campaign. This is quite the stretch and then he noted that all of these presidents happened to die in office. I'm not sure Mr. Thompson would appreciate the comparison. At least they didn't expire from boredom.

And then the careful shaping of the future great leader and he that will save us from campaign boredom.
Not just anyone could bring this off. Thompson is not a great actor, but he has perfected the persona of the calm, wise, experienced, deliberate leader. He’s played colonels and admirals and presidents. We see that homely face, hear that deep baritone voice and soft southern accent, and we are soothed. We feel that here is a man who will never panic, never lose sight of the goal, never fear to do the right thing.
Man, when you read that paragraph can't you just see Ronald Reagan, no homely face there, playing that role with a chimp on his, sorry, that just slipped out.

And then there's Thompson as president, the disasters piling up but he is playing the role of airport manager or chief controller Trudeau in Die Hard 2, unflappable, "Rack 'em, pack 'em, and stack 'em!".

All he's done to this point is well, nothing. It could be a great tactic, but it ain't genius. It's early, the field is woefully weak and in comparison this not-so-great ex-senator looks pretty good.

There is some substance to this guy, but it seems it may be just enough substance to blur the line of where leadership ends and acting begins.

Jim Martin

Thanks to the Moderate Voice for the link.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

you shold see his wife. she looks like a less classy version of victoria gotti

1:06:00 PM  
Blogger Jim Martin said...

I'm trying to picture that and I keep locking up.

1:48:00 PM  

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