Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Cheney's heart of darkness

By Libby

Speaking of Cheney cover-ups this morning, it appears our vice president doesn't only want to become the most powerful second stringer in government but also the most secretive. From his refusal to disclose the participants in the White House powwows that led to the industry favoring energy bill, to rumored back room manuvering to force Bush into a confrontation with Iran, Cheney's tenure has been little more than one continous black-op against the American people. So little wonder that he issued this order some time ago.
Regarding visitor information, the Secret Service “shall not retain any copy of these documents and information” once the material is given to the office of the vice president, says the September 2006 letter by Shannen Coffin, counsel to the vice president.
That shouldn't even be legal and speaks volumes about Cheney's malevolent intentions. Not to mention that the people who pay his salary -- that would be us -- should be able to keep track of his activities short of proven matters of national security. As the saying goes, if he's got nothing to hide....

In Cheney's case he apparently has nothing he doesn't want to hide.

[thanks to The Moderate Voice for the link]

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