Monday, May 21, 2007

Bring them home

By Libby

The Chicago Sun Times joins a growing chorus of editorials calling for withdrawal of occupation forces from Iraq. It makes the usual points on the Democrats failure to act decisively on this, albeit with more eloquence than most, but here's the money quote.
We shocked and awed our way into Iraq four years ago, so if Baghdad should become an al-Qaida stronghold, what's to stop us from shocking and awing the city again? If 6 million Jews, surrounded by more than 200 million Arabs, have not been annihilated, why do we believe that an Iraq withdrawal will lead to a pitched battle with invading terrorist forces on Main Street in Peoria?
Of all the memes this White House has successfully foisted on the average American, the fear of being "taken over" by the terrorists is the most illogical. There's a wealth of evidence that our continued presence and current policies are making are making us less safe, yet there are thousands of people who will tell you in all seriousness that we must stay in Baghdad because if we don't, the terrorists will follow us home like a lost puppy and cut off our heads.

How does that even make sense? Our mighty military can't keep them from coming into Baghdad, so why would anyone believe we can stop them from leaving any time they want? And it's not like the Terrorist Liberation Army is going to arrive in their fleet of C5-As and start marching down the main streets of America in platoons. If they had the decency to organize in large units, we would have been able to find them by now.

Common sense would tell you that keeping our troops mired in the slaughterhouse of Iraq is doing little more than creating a greater opportunity for terrorism, not diminishing its threat. It's too bad so many of my fellow citizens seem to have misplaced theirs.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your post is right on but you are talking to deaf ears. I am of the mind now that the American public is way to lazy, complacent and selfish to do anything about this but complain. Congress is just as bad, of course, but if their constituents really DEMANDED that they get out of Iraq or face certain election loss, it would happen.
There is ample evidence for my opinion.
1. The President and Vice President have violated the Constitution numberous times. Result? No action.
2. The Sec of Defense Rumsfeld signed off on violating the Uniform Code of Military Justice, Geneva Accords, lied to the Congress. Result? No action.
3. The attorney general violates his oath of office, lies to congress, violates separation of powers. Result? No action (except maybe sitting down in front of the TV at night with some popcorn and watch it on the news.)
This goes on and on and is disgusting. Hell, only half of the people even vote!!
It took massive demonstrations and yes, even a few campus deaths to finally get us out of Vietnam. It's time for the American people to get off their obese asses, stop complaining and take all necessary steps to save their government and their country.

7:08:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Unfornately half the people don't even realize how much trouble we're really in Brian. They watch Idol, not the news.

8:49:00 PM  

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