Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Yeah, And......Part Two

The U.S. military today said that Iran and Syria are training Iraqi insurgents how to make weapons to kill Americans.

Well, duh! Are we surprised by this? Iran is one of the "Axis of Evil", the Great Decider said so. Syria is a supporter of mulitple terrorists groups, this is what they do.

Here is the question: what are you going to do about it? Diplomacy? Not hardly, we're not speaking to either of these countries. Military action? With what? Getting the Iraqis to actively try to control this and ask them stop? That's a stupid question.

Here is the thing; we caused this mess. We have no allies in the region. Israel? Not unless it's in their own self-interest and you can't blame them. They really can't count on us. Jordan? The monarchy there is just holding on now.

It's time for the Great Decider to decide.

Mr. Bush is very good at finding problems and crises but he has not solved the first problem.
The Middle East is a disaster. The Civil War in Iraq may spread to other regions.

We need leadership and a plan. We have no leader and what we have does not have a clue.

Jim M


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