Thursday, April 12, 2007

Swift Boating to Belgium

Sam Fox the big money man for the Swift Boat Liars For Bush got his ambassadorship to Belgium for only 2 million dollars. Bush couldn't get this fat-cat toady approved by the senate so he used a recess appointment. The piece at PoliticalMoneyLine went on to detail his donations of over $2,000,000 since 1993.

The article also stated that the only donation by Sam Fox, that is an appropriate name for this sleazeball, made to a non-republican was to Joe Lieberman in 2006 for $23,100.

Wait a minute, Liebermans not a republican? How can you tell?

Jim M


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Blogger Kathy said...

Welcome, Jim. Libby can use the help. I don't know where she gets the energy to do everything she does. She's a real dynamo.

The issue of money buying political favors and positions irks me to no end. Michigan had a Republican (Louis Boven) who tried to run for governor in the primary last year against Dick DeVos (the Amway heir). The press virtually ignored him and instead chose to fawn over DeVos, who spent $35 million of his own money in the race. Boven didn't have a chance against that kind of money. DeVos started running TV ads 9 months prior to the election.
By the way, DeVos was soundly trounced by our incumbent Democrat governor. All those millions didn't fool the voters.

1:14:00 PM  
Blogger Jim Martin said...

Thanks for the welcome, I am new at this and have not blogged for years now.
I think big money thrown in one place is obvious to most voters, but big money sprinkled around can do serious damage like Sam Fox and the Swift Boat crew. Of course they had huge help from the right-wing echo machine and the MSM trying to be balanced. Whatever the heck that is. It's impossible to be balanced, it is possible to be honest.
People like Sam Fox are not interested in honesty and integrity, they are only interested in power and perks.
Thanks for reading and I hope you visit often.
Jim M

10:19:00 PM  

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