Sunday, April 01, 2007

So you want to be an embedded blogger...

I'm just burned out on current events today. If you want the news, you'll have to go over to Newshog. The relentlessly energetic Cernig has some important posts up, with an especially good analysis on the Iran hostage situation and keep scrolling - he has more than one. For myself, I'm cleaning up some links I didn't get to that I don't want to forget and this is one of them.

You know how the right wingers are always being invited by the Pentagon to embed in Iraq? If you read their fundraising posts it always sounds like they were spontaneously invited. As it turns out, anybody can ask to be embedded.

We discovered this when Alexander Paul Melonas from The Gun Toting Liberal volunteered to be an embed for the left side of the blogiverse. He's an ex-military guy and is serious about going, so he's contacted the Pentagon with a request. If he's accepted, we will of course be keeping you informed of any fundraising efforts on his behalf.

I wouldn't necessarily hold my breath waiting though. Although the Pentagon apparently expressed their willingness to allow opposition embeds and wondered why no one asked before, I have my doubts that they would actually want to balance the coverage with an alternative view. Still we live in hope.

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