Saturday, April 07, 2007

Respect for the living and the dead

I'm late getting here this afternoon because I started my blogging day at Newshog. I have a couple of posts up over there that you might be interested in. I'm happy to report that thanks to one father's outrage at the disrespectful way the war dead have been returned to their families, the White House has been forced to change its policy and the fallen soldiers will now arrive at local airports complete with an honor guard instead of being shuttled like excess freight in cargo holds to the nearest big hub and retreived from among the crates of cheap Chinese goods with forklifts.

Meanwhile, the Pelosi trip continues to dominate the news cycle and I weigh in my latest thoughts on why her trip was justified and in fact necessary. A conclusion our media can't seem to reach, probably because they apparently still don't know how to google in order to put the right wing hysteria into historical context. There are days I get pretty pissed off that Blogtopians are forced to do the media's job for them.

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