Friday, April 27, 2007

A Moderate Is Good To Find

Pete Abel over at The Moderate Voice has post up about Congressman Phil Hare from Illinois' 17th district.
Even though he's not a republican, he's a moderate and the best example you'll
find in this day and age of a disappearing breed; the citizen legislator.

Our conversation also made me wonder if perhaps "citizen legislators" might be a workable idea, after all, in this modern age. No, Phil’s not exactly a citizen legislator. He worked in politics for 24 years before elected to office. Still, he’s got that citizen legislator sense about him; he knows he’s there to represent his constituents, and go to bat for them, not make a name for himself.

Although I have been on a quest to find a republican moderate, finding a democratic one is still pretty darn refreshing.

Maybe it's time to start a new quest.


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