Friday, April 13, 2007

Justice does the Friday doc dump

I'm going to wind up the email news for the day with this post. Karl is playing the technodope card. Rove's lawyer says his client don't know nothing about deleting no emails. That would be a little credible if he wasn't known as a Blackberry junkie.

Meanwhile, the DoJ dumped the emails they do have into the laps of the investigative committees a couple of days early. They were heavily redacted, which is not what Congress asked for, but I understand that rule doesn't apply until next week. Why the DoJ is saying they don't have mail, and then dumping early is open for speculation. Sounds like they just want to confuse the issue. TPM has a link to the docs and their readers are combing through them now.

Cernig is on this story and has collected a few choice items that have been revealed in the early reviews. It does appear "muddying the coverage" is very much on the White House staffers mind at any given moment. This is sure to develop over the weekend as the Blogtopians pore through the evidence.

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