Friday, April 13, 2007

Iran has no nuke capability

While we're obsessing about email over here, Cernig unearthed an explosive item that has received way too little attention in both the press and in Blogtopia. There was a big buzz a couple of days ago when Tehran announced to great fanfare they had thousands of centrifuges ready to rock and roll on enriching uranium. It turns out that is just idle boasting. Iran has got nothing of any consequence going. They have a few hundred working units at best. You want the real story -ask an IAEA inspector.
He said that Iran would not be able to produce the highly enriched uranium needed for a nuclear bomb as long as it remained under the supervision of IAEA inspectors.

A team of IAEA inspectors is currently in Iran where it has been making a routine visit to the enrichment facility at Natanz.
Don't expect the White House to publicize this take down of their "sky is falling" rhetoric on Iran. And don't count on the press. They're too busy being briefed by the White House on how to spin the debate over the war, which is depressing enough in itself. I thought the "free market" was supposed to keep us safe from a state run media. Fat chance. I don't know they don't all just change their name to Pravda. It would be more honest.

Anyway, it's going to be up to us bloggers to give this story some legs, so if you have a blog - pass it on. If you don't have a blog, pass it on anyway.

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