Monday, April 02, 2007

Hey RedState - here's an inside tip

Since you can't comment over there without registering or something, let me answer them here. The next time you want to diss me, (I'm linked as "herd"), for reporting on a news story, how about you give us a link to an actual news source that's reporting the Democrats refused to meet with Petraeus. We already knew the Democrats were meeting to put an end to the madness, but that's hardly the same thing.

Forgive me if I'm unwilling to take a rumor "reported" by your personal RS insider who doesn't blog under their own name, as any sort of proof. Unless you've got something on the record to back up that spurious allegation, I think you owe the Democrats an apology for spreading false rumors.

By the way, I can abide success just fine. Show me some sustained success and I'll eat my words. Otherwise, it looks to me like you guys just can't admit failure, even when it's biting you in the butt.

Update: James Joyner joins the discussion and adds some context to the Roll Call link from March 8th showing some text only subscribers can see. It refers to a power point presentation at the Pentagon and has a quote from Boehner who claims not a single Democrat showed up.

Well I can't afford to subscribe to Roll Call, but I've been reading James for years and I trust him to report it accurately. However I don't trust Boehner and without being able to read the whole piece, I don't know if the Democrats were given a chance to explain their side. For all we know the meeting was called at the last second in order to screw up a vote on the floor. But if it's true that the Democrats deliberately snubbed Petreaus, then shame on them for not showing the man respect enough to listen to his plan.

However, as I said at OTB, that was over three weeks ago. Aren't we talking about two different meetings here and I'll have to go back and check but I believe this last meeting, that is the actual subject of the current debate, was held with the Republican caucus, not in an open House meeting.

Further neither James nor RedState address Andrea Mitchell's statement that the GOP gave Petreaus a deadline of August to show some results or they weren't going to support the surge anymore either so there's still no excuse for the failure to pass a bi-partisan bill.

If I'm wrong I'll apologize but it looks to me that the process is being politicized in a very dangerous way.

Update: New developments. Latest post here.

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