Friday, April 13, 2007

Don't Blame Me I'm The Victim

Paul Wolfowitz' main squeeze has ended her silence in the World Bank controversy surrounding her pay and job position. She's a victim. Poor thing. Shaha Riza stated that:

she is a victim and was forced into a job transfer because of their relationship.
Shaha Riza's comments are included in new documents released by the World Bank on Friday that also show Wolfowitz had a direct hand in arranging her promotion and generous pay package. Wolfowitz is fighting to retain his job.

Riza said that at no time did she report directly to Wolfowitz and that he had proposed to recuse himself from any decisions involving her to avoid a potential conflict of interest.

Now she knows how the rest of us feel. We are all victims of Wolfie. And yes Shaha, we have all been screwed by him. Welcome to the big club.

Jim M
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