Friday, April 27, 2007

Convenient "capture" of AQ operative

By Libby

Oh yippee. We "captured" another AQ bigwig. Well except that we didn't just capture him. He's actually been in custody in one of those CIA secret prisons that Bush was finally forced to admit existed but claimed were empty at the same time Mr Big was being held in one. And he allegedly gave up a bunch of great intel after being subjected to interrogation methods that aren't -- you know -- torture but kind of alternative questioning.

The real burning question is why announce it now? Couldn't have anything to do with the news of the Pentagon's lies about Pat Tillman and Jessica Lynch could it? Or the rising US troop body counts out of Baghdad? Nah. Just one of those crazy coincindences I suppose. Anybody keeping track of how many Mr. Bigs we've caught at just such oddly convenient times? I've lost count.

The sad part is, if this guy really is the Mr. Big, who can believe what he says after being held in secret rendition for at least six months? Hell, we can't even believe what the Pentagon says anymore. As usual, my go-to guy Cernig has the links and the pertinent analysis. All I can say is if this guy was such a high value target, why didn't they trot him out for the dog and pony show when they first caught him?

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