Friday, April 13, 2007

Bringing Them Down

I feel I must comment on this rabid desire by Americans to bring down the mighty. It has become America's national pastime to see the high and mighty taken down a peg or even better, totally ruined.

The list goes on and on:
Imus, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Martha Stewart Bill Clinton and on and on.

We create these celebrities and pour untold riches and attention on them. When the public adulation and love is new we look the other way when indescretions occur or even revel in them, adoring their brazen behavior. And then as always happens with a new toy, we grow tired of it.

You'll then see a report like, "Don Imus calls woman a "ho". It's not like he hasn't said that or a hundred words equally as improper. Everyone even laughed at it, but it's too late, people are offended and stunned. They express surprise and outrage, then the sharks smell blood in the water. All of his fawning guests are "disappointed and sad, surprised that this person they fawned over could use such a hateful term.

The news people go and ask his sponsors their positions and they too are stunned and are reviewing their positions. Within hours they bail out.

His bosses are approached and they put on the "long face" and talk about how the other employees are offended and want him gone. They too are reviewing and holding meetings to gauge public reaction. He is fired within hours and statements are made expressing disappointment that their employee could use such terms.

Of course no one is surprised. His fans know what he is, his sponsors don't care as long as he has good ratings and his bosses are happy as hell because he's making them big money.

These people fall fast because they didn't deserve their celebrity status in the first place. They're frauds and fakes and achieve because of our entertainment based society. We create them and then revel in their destruction.

When I was a child I had heroes, there were men and women bigger than life. There are no more heroes, we bring them all down.

And the Gods have feet of clay.

Jim M


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