Monday, April 02, 2007

Beltway media goes blind

It must be really weird to be a Bush supporting, neo-conservative reporter these days. With those blinders on, they must feel like race horses with a broken leg knowing they're going to be put down soon. Something I've seen happen live by the way, and it's not pretty, even they do it behind a tarp.

I guess you can't blame them for lying to themselves, lying to us and lying to Democrats. To accept the truth would be to admit they were wrong all along. That's never easy and their heads might explode if they let any logic in there.

But that's not the scary part. That they think anyone outside of the dying circle of true believers will buy the idea that Republican neo-cons are trying to save the Democratic party from losing in 08 by offering their magnanimous advice is the not scary part. What's scary is that these dissemblers are still being given a public forum to promote such transparently false views with almost no skepticism by the media, allowing them to trick the more uninformed among us into holding a losing party line.

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