Thursday, March 29, 2007

Viral videos and other media madness

Yes, it's that time again friends, when the White House lets down its hair and cavorts with our madcap media at the annual press corps dinner in DC. Although the event lacked the acerbic bite of Colbert this year it was not without it's thrilling moments. The President took the podium to deliver the customary lame jokes but it was our beloved Sultan of Slime, Karl Rove, who stole the show. Fair warning - do not view the following videos immediately after eating.

First up is Rove's standup routine which culminated in a sure to become legendary rap dance boogie.

And to supplement the text of the jokes above, scroll down here to the link for the video of Dear Leader delivering his lines. I guess when they told him to deliver a monologue he thought they said monotone - or maybe they just upped his dose of Zoloft.

Speaking of leaden zombies, she apparently wasn't invited to the press affair, so the venereal venerated inebriated Prof. Althouse consoled herself with a video camera, a jug of wine, and the cast of American Idol. Code Red alert warning on this one. Don't watch it alone. Be sure to have a non-viewing friend in the next room in case emergency medical intervention becomes necessary.

I fell into a deep state of catatonic disbelief after 23 seconds which rendered me unable to turn it off and was forced to watch the entire segment. Help me. I can smell the synapses burning from toxic vapidity exposure. Words fail...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

thefact is bush is pretty fucking funny at these things. I thuoght he blew colbert off the sage last year. He's kind of a cool guy on some level. have you ever seen "juorneys with george"? alexandra pelosi made a movie about him on the 2000 campaign trail. he's funny as hell

2:44:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

I've seen him be funny but didn't think he's was kind of robotic in that clip? It was like he was overmedicated.

9:05:00 PM  

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