Friday, March 30, 2007

Time for Dems to plot a new course to the White House

Steve Soto asks the question that I've been asking since Hillary's name was first floated as the Democratic nominee in 08. Leaving aside her qualifications, or lack thereof depending on where you stand on the candidates, can she win in the general election?

My gut feeling has always been no, she can't. It would be political sucide for the Democrats to run with her. By the time we get to the election, the GOP will have drummed up their reliable hate-based voters into an anti-Clinton frenzy. Which is not to say they were ever in any other state of mind but her candidacy would surely energize the wavering Republicans who are otherwise ready to jump ship and won't do a thing to mobilize the moderate Independent voters the Democrats need in order to win.

I agree with Soto. The election of 08 will the year of fresh faces and running a DC insider is a sure avenue to losing the race. No DC incumbent is untainted by the culture of corruption the public sees surrounding the Beltway. It's time to take a new road.

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