Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Right wing fetes yet another gay prostititute

I don't have time this morning to do this one justice but holy shades of Jeff Gannon folks. Joe My.God. has a good collection of links and the -- ahem -- back story on Cpl. Matt Sanchez,
[He's] the handsome 36-year old Columbia University junior and USMC reservist who recently made the rounds of right-wing talk shows like O'Reilly Factor and Hannity & Colmes, where he received praise for coming forward and complaining about his treatment at the hands of Columbia's "radical anti-military students" who called him names and mocked his military service. Sanchez was then feted at the CPAC conference where Ann Coulter made her "faggot" remark. Sanchez wrote an op-ed piece on the Columbia experience for the NY Post and began a blog and MySpace page chronicling his media exposure.
Warning Joe's post is NSFW and the links are even more kinky. Expect this story to get a rise out of Blogtopia.

Sorry, couldn't resist the pun and apparently there's a lot of potential clients out there that can't resist Matt's buns. He tells Joe he's been inundated with offers of "friendship" along with the usual raft of hate mail but he seems to be taking it in stride.
Email from Sanchez @ 4:21pm: "Wow, who knew a little award and a couple of pictures would get me all this attention? Death threats, hate mail and plenty of strangers who want to be my "friend"--and it's not even 4 pm!!! I'm going to be writing a piece and posting it on this site by tomorrow. You'll forgive me for the delay, but between this week's midterms, my full-time job and working out at the gym, there's just not enough time in the day."

Meanwhile, Ms. Malkin, who posed with Sanchez at CPAC is already spinning this as not too big a deal and is setting the stage to make a case that lefties are the bigots for pointing out the wingnuts' hypocrisy on these things. As Matt Drudge might say at his Sludge Report - developing....
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's symbolic. the person who is willing to toe their line is a hooker. and his gay ness is expressed in a cartoonish version of masculinty.

12:54:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Lester, I'm not drawing any grand conclusions from it and I certainly have no trouble with the guy or his lifestyle but I find it hilarious that yet another gay prostitute that clearly offers kinky sex has been elevated by the CPACers. I mean they gave him an award for being a professional "victim" of liberals. I think it's just too funny.

2:47:00 PM  

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