Sunday, March 25, 2007

Purge scandal post of the day

Far be it that we let a day go by without remarking on the attorney purge scandal. Kevin Drum has the must read post. He lists nine reasons the DOJ's conduct stinks like three day old fish. Number nine is a real doozy.
DOJ has now had weeks to come up with a plausible story for the firings and they still haven't. This is truly remarkable. Why not just tell the truth? That doesn't take weeks to concoct.
That's the really ridiculous part of this whole scandal. If the White House had simply admitted they were playing politics with the USAs and taken their usual stand of - yeah we did it and so what -- chances are the story would have died in three cycles or less. The sheer stupidity of the response suggests an administration in such dangerous disarray it can't even remember its own best tactics.

As Kevin notes, it's difficult to see how anyone outside of the most loyal dead-enders could be defending the White House at this point.

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