Thursday, March 29, 2007

Get a life Inhofe

Sorry posting has been light today. For one thing it's a dreary dismally gray day and I never really wake up in this kind of weather. For another I'm feelig a little under the weather today and I've been preoccupied with working out the details for my impending move to the Mcpartments which you can read about at some length at Last One Speaks. I'm off now to sign the paperwork but here's the irritating stupid politican trick of the day.

Of all the lame-assed excuses to act like a total jerk, Okie Sen. Inhofe has the lamest. He's holding up authorization for the "Live Earth" concert to be held in DC with some procedural nonsense, claiming the event is too partisan to be held on government property. As opposed to say, the anti-abortion rally that was held by the anti-choice crowd some time back?

I don't suppose that this has anything to do with the fact that Al Gore's organization is co-sponsoring the event and that Inhofe is the biggest dead-ender skeptic of climate disruption on the planet. What a putz.

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