Sunday, February 25, 2007

Wrongheaded wingnuts fail to amuse

I wasn't going to bother to dignify Patrick Ruffini's lame post with a response, but Radley Balko did such a great takedown of Ruffini's absurd premise, that I'm going to send you over there. Radley gets quote of the day with this zinger of a closing.
I wish I could say that it's merely amusing to watch politicians and war supporters play with other people's lives to save themselves the embarrassment of having wasted so many lives already. "If only we send a few thousand more other peoples' kids into harm's way, this whole "remap the Middle East" plan will finally start to materialize. Then you'll see. We were right all along."

Alas. It's not amusing. It's horrible. And infuriating. And sad.
I might add scary since the warmongers' current trajectory seems to be headed for a direct hit on a disaster that will make Iraq look like the cakewalk they claimed it would be.
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