Friday, February 23, 2007

We like oversight - GOP corruption under scrutiny

With the latest blizzard of fear-mongering blowing out of the White House, the old stories about the culture of GOP corruption have been obscured but happily for those who love accountability, somebody is still paying attention. Justice Department shenanigans are in the spotlight with revelations that a top Justice Department lawyer, Sue Ellen Wooldridge, bought a million dollar home with her secret lover, former Deputy Interior Secretary J. Steven Griles, in partnership with a key lobbyist for an oil company over which she had oversight. Coincidentally that same company received a favorable ruling from Ms. Wooldridge in gaining a reprieve from an expensive environmental cleanup.

Steve Benen lays out the narrative in an easy to follow soap opera format. As he notes, so many of the story lines about GOP corruption in the last five years resembles fictional plots. But then, maybe it's not so surprising that a party and its president, who take testimony from science fiction writers on scientific matters, would look to crime novelists for their game plans.
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