Wednesday, February 07, 2007

False alarm on Hillary

This reminds me of that old story about Brer Rabbit. Just as the Rabbit escapes Brer Fox by tricking him into being thrown into the briar patch, the GOP is making noises about their fear of Clinton. Their concern about losing the White House in 08 is certainly valid, and they will almost certainly lose if we're still mired in Iraq, or worse, come election time, but their best hope is a Clinton candidacy. I don't care how organized and funded she is, unreasonable Clinton hate runs deep in this country and she's got the strongest negatives of any candidate with a reasonable chance to take the nomination.

Her organization within the Democratic Party gives her the best chance to win in fact, but as I've said right along, her hawk in dove's clothing schtick is not endearing her to the progressive netroots who are due to play a major role in 08. For proof of her vulnerability on that score look no further than this survey done by Politico as reported in My DD, (via The Reaction). Hillary states flat-out, that she does not regret her war vote but tries to play it both ways by also claiming she wouldn't have started the war and wants to end it.

As Michael says in his post, that may play with the low information voters, but I think the politically aware who will drive the buzz, aren't going to let her get away it. Meanwhile, the rest of the results of that survey are equally dismal. There are still at least 47 Senators that support the occupation and some 67 that oppose a timetable for redeployment. One would think that pretty much guarantees we won't be getting out of Baghdad anytime soon, so it's not so surprising that the GOP would try the oldest trick in the book to boost their weakest opponent into the race.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems that every dem senator on the hill is now back pedaling away from their initial support of this war as they begin the brawl for top spot on the dem ticket. The only one who has not had to do this is Senator Obama. He took the unpopular stance of opposing the war from the beginning. True he was not a senator at the time, but the more I read about him and his platform, the dems would be smart to run this guy. I know if he makes it that far, I'm voting for him.

8:15:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

I'm not a big Obama fan myself and I'm not sure his stand was so much prinicipled as politically gauged. He's surely better than Hillary though.

Feingold was one of the few Dems in the Senate that got this right from the beginning and has been speaking out for a long time but he's hasn't received any support from the rest of the wussies in his party.

I disgusted with the whole bunch at the moment and I'm still liking Webb and Tester, not necessarily in that order, for 08. Tester in particular seems to really "get" what the voters want.

7:25:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm looking over Tester and Webb, I'm not sold on them yet but time will tell as the run heats up. I would never vote for Edwards; as a senator from NC he did nothing, he didn't even bother to show up most of the time. But I do believe that the next prez will be a young vibrant Jack Kennedy kind of guy. Seems time for the old guard to change and the next generation to get in the fray. I think one day we will have a woman president, but Hillary doesn't do it for me.The Clintons just have too much smoke and mirrors surrounding their lives, way too entrenched. Whoever we get in our big white house, I do hope it's one of those who haven't had enough time in DC to be totally corrupted yet.

11:03:00 AM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

It's definitely time to get the old guard out Rocky. If they keep carrying on the way they have so far, I think 08 is going to be a historic election. A lot of incumbents will find themselves in the hot seat.

1:03:00 AM  

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