Friday, February 02, 2007

Congratulations all around

There's something happening here. All kinds of movement in Blogtopia this week. Hot of the heels of Amanda Marcotte's announcement, now Shakespeare's Sister tells us she has also joined the Edwards campaign as Netroots Coordinator. I'm not entirely sold on Edwards as a candiate myself but I'm huge fan of Shakes and he's clearly demonstrated his commitment to connecting with the netroots with these two hires. Congrats to Melissa and good on Edwards for such great picks to run his internet outreach.

Meanwhile, following a growing trend of bloggers moving to mainstream media, Glenn Greenwald is moving his blog to Salon and will also be a regular contributing writer the magazine. It doesn't sound like much will change other than the URL and Glenn's visibility, which will obviously increase. Way to go Glenn. Congrats and best of luck in the new venue.

As for myself, I have no desire to join any candidate's campaign team but if some big name venue is looking for an aging, somewhat cranky upstart blogger -- well -- drop me an email. I'm likely to be available....
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